Books: April 2008


  1. A Painted House (John Grisham) [8/10]

  2. The Parsifal Mosaic (Robert Ludlum) [4/10]

  3. Ombria In Shadow (Patricia A McKillip) [2/10]

  4. Crooked House (Agatha Christie) [7/10]

  5. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (J K Rowling) [7/10]

A Painted House is the one books that stands out in that list. Grisham's proved once again that he's just as good (if not better) when he's not writing legal thrillers. I've really got to read more non-legal books from Grisham.

I liked Crooked House to some extent, but Christie's used her all too familiar murder method -- poison -- once again. It's getting irritating to see all those old men getting poisoned all the time, but the ending was pretty good. Fantastic Beasts... is strictly for Harry Potter fans, because much of the charm of the book lies in the doodles in the margins, and people who haven't read the Potter books wouldn't understand them.

Ombria In Shadow was the one I really didn't like. Even after finishing the book, I don't have a clue about what was happening. As for The Parsifal Mosaic, it's typical Ludlum stuff, all cloak-and-dagger. Disappointing.

My list for April looks like the one for the previous month -- 5 books by different authors and nothing that deserved a 10/10 rating. Now I'm behind in reviews by 9 books, so I'll have to skip maybe 4 or 5 of them. I really should try to keep up with the reviewing.

Stats: 5 books, 5 authors (1 new), 1936 pages, 5.6 avg rating.


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