Books: February 2008

I can't help but feel disappointed that I couldn't read more in the past month. Four books in a month isn't all that bad, but after that magical reading month of January (when I finished 11 books), four looks like a very small number.

The Books

  1. Ice Station (Matthew Reilly) [8/10]

  2. A Falcon Flies (Wilbur Smith) [9/10]

  3. Voyage To the End of the Room (Tibor Fischer) [2/10] (review)

  4. Miracle (Danielle Steel) [6/10] (review)


  • books: 4

  • authors: 4 (2 new)

  • pages: 1743 (436p/book)

  • avg rating: 6.5


  1. A Falcon Flies (Wilbur Smith)

  2. Ice Station (Matthew Reilly)

Didn't like

  1. Voyage To the End of the Room (Tibor Fischer)

Maybe I didn't get too much time to read, but looking at the brighter side, there was only one book that I didn't like in February compared to three in January. :D


gautami tripathy said...

Not bad! Get going!

And I have tagged you again!
six word memoir

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