BTT: Holiday Reading

Today's Booking Through Thursday question:

It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S., so let’s keep today’s question simple – What are you reading? Anything special? Any particularly juicy summer reading?

I just finished reading John Grisham's book, The Testament. The library here allows me two books at a time and I've finished both so I have nothing else to read until I pick up the next two tomorrow.

I don't usually plan what I'm going to read, so I don't really know what books I'll be reading in the coming days. But now that I've got at least a month (maybe even three or four) with nothing to do but read, so I'll probably try to finish a couple of series I've started. I've read two of the Chronicles of Narnia books, so that will be the first priority. Then there's David Moody's Autumn horror series where I've read and enjoyed (and been terribly frightened) by the first book.

I've been thinking of re-reading all the books I own because I'll leaving to join my job soon and then I won't have much of a chance to read them again. This won't be too difficult because I only own twenty-odd books, and half of them are children's books. :-)

I've been thinking of writing a post asking for suggestions for reading and luckily I can work that into today's BTT question. This way I'll get even more suggestions. ;-) So what books would you suggest for me? Is there something you read recently that you really loved and think I should read?

PS. If you have your own blog, please use the name/url option in the comment form and link back to your blog. It's a lot easier for me to find your blog that way. :-)


Anonymous said...

You like Grisham and Chronicles of Narnia, so let's see.. Harlan Coben is fast paced and clever, so maybe on of his?

Seriously, I'm wanting to cry for you... only 20+ books? I've got that many on my desk, let alone on Mt. TBR!

What job are you going into, BTW? the way you've worded it it sounds like military.

Happy 4th!

Alix said...

Read The Book Thief (if you haven't) I just finished it and it is wonderful.

The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper is also a really good childrens series.

Good luck with the job.

Nithin said...

@koolaidmom. Yeah, I know 20 looks like an awfully small number. I'm terrible at getting back the books people have borrowed from me and I've learnt that it just doesn't work that way -- if you don't ask firmly, the books wont be returned back. So I don't buy books, it's much easier to refuse to lend someone a book if it belongs to the library. ;)

About the job... LOL! It's definitely not military, I wouldn't last a day. ;-) I'll be working for a software company around 300km from where I live now, so I'll most probably leave the books here. Even when I come back here for weekends, I wouldn't have too much time to re-read any of the books.

Thanks for that suggestion, I haven't read Harlan Coben before. It's great to try reading new authors. :)

Nithin said...

@alix. I haven't read the book, but I've heard a lot about it. Thanks for suggesting the books. :)

Smilingsal said...

I have many suggestions for good books to read. Try Angela Elwell Hunt. (Google her and choose from the list she's written.)

Anonymous said...

If you like children's books with some substance, check out The Giver by Lois Lowry. For a good laugh, Bill Bryson is always fantastic, as is David Sedaris (particularly in Naked). Visit me here for more recommendations and to see what I'll be reading next:

Anonymous said...

For suggestions, try Robin Parrish's "Dominion" trilogy (first book is Relentless)... or the book I just finished, "The Diplomat's Wife" by Pam Jenoff.

Lastly, you could see my new weekly "event" called "Friday Finds" where people post the books they've just found out about through the week: Friday Finds at The Book Zone. :)

Chris said...

I recommend The Count of Monte Cristo, unless you've read it already.

gautami tripathy said...

Best of luck with your job!

Booking through holidays

Julia said...

I've read John Grisham's book once, but I can remember which one. It been an awful long time. I'm not sure what books to recommend you because I don't know the genres you prefer to read. But you can check out my blog to see which books would be interest to you :)

P.S. You have my url link already from your Blogroll, in the right corner. It "Julia's Books Corner"

Have a good BTT and weekend holiday ahead!

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