Books: January 2008

January was an excellent month for reading. I've read 11 books in the month, which is perhaps the most I've read in a single month in a long, long time.

The Books

  1. Poirot Investigates (Agatha Christie) [4/10] (review)

  2. The Fourth Protocol (Frederick Forsyth) [7/10] (review)

  3. Lord Edgware Dies (Agatha Christie) [7/10] (review)

  4. The ABC Murders (Agatha Christie) [10/10] (review)

  5. Dumb Witness (Agatha Christie) [5/10] (review)

  6. Curtain: Poirot's Last Case (Agatha Christie) [8/10] (review)

  7. Catch-22 (Joseph Heller) [1/10]

  8. In the Days of the Comet (H G Wells) [1/10]

  9. The Three Investigators #01 - The Secret of Terror Castle (Robert Arthur) [3/10]

  10. First Among Equals (Jeffrey Archer) [8/10]

  11. The Last Llanelli Train (Robert Lewis) [2/10]


  • 11 Books

  • 7 authors(2 new)

  • 3615 pages (329p/book)

  • Avg rating: 5

Best Books

  • The ABC Murders (Agatha Christie)

  • First Among Equals (Jeffrey Archer)

Worst Books

  • Catch-22 (Joseph Heller)

  • In the Days of the Comet (H G Wells)

  • The Last Llanelli Train (Robert Lewis)

February, unfortunately, has been far too hectic for me to read as many books or even post regularly here (which explains why this post has remained in drafts for two weeks now!)


gautami said...

i have read a lot of Jeffrey Archers. He writes well.

Hey, Catch 22 is one of the best books ever written. Do give it another chance.

And consider yourself tagged.

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